Refinancing Your Current Home Loan

If you’re wondering if a refinance makes sense for your budget now and for your finances in the years ahead, let’s talk.

You’ve been through the process of securing a home loan in the past, and you know it can be stressful. Everything I do is toward the goal of taking that stress away. With our secure online portal, submitting your supporting documents has never been easier. If you’re not sure exactly what documents are needed and when (and who does?), I’ll walk you through that and even help you to obtain them. As the process moves along, I’ll be keeping an eye out for the roadblocks I’ve seen in my 25 years, before they even become your concern. From the application, to the approval, and on to settlement, I’m here for you.

You will have my absolute personal attention, which many mortgage brokers, banks and web-based companies can’t do because of the size of their organization or their sales goals. I’m not here to sell, but to serve with a concierge level of attention and detail. You can call me anytime and meet when needed. I think of myself as a hometown mortgage lender, working in Howard County, Maryland, and throughout Central Maryland. At the same time, I have the support of Fairway Independent Mortgage, one of the nation’s top five lenders.

Working together, I will help you to determine if the time is right for you to refinance and the terms that work best for you. For some people it’s wise to limit the term of the home loan to 15 or 20 years to get a lower rate, but for other people they may want to have more cash on hand each month, or they have savings goals for higher education or retirement. In some cases, a client may want to roll the refinancing fees into their new home loan, while others don’t. That’s another aspect where I can share my decades of experience. Ultimately, I will advise you in the appropriate loan option for cost-savings and meeting your long-term financial goals.